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Rocky Mountain National Park Map

Please contact the Rocky Mountain National Park visitor centers to find out more details on accessibility to the camping and hiking trails. Also, the visitor centers in the park have current park information on weather, wild flower locations,open trails, and active wildlife.

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Disclaimer - Most of the information viewed on this geography map is correct. However, this Rocky Mountain National Park map is made with old USGS point data along with fairly new National Park data. In some areas some features may be named wrong, or missing due to the age of the USGS data. Viewers should consider the map as historic geographic general reference only. Use the official free park map for exact locations of maintained park sites.


Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the north-central area of the state of Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park features majestic high mountain views, a variety of native wildlife, varied year round climates and environments—from wooded forests to high mountain tundra—and easy access to remote back-country trails and campsites. The park is located north-west of the city of Boulder, Colorado in the Colorado Rockies, and includes the Continental Divide split and the headwaters of the Colorado River in its land area.

The park has five interesting visitor centers. The park main headquarters, which is Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, is a National Historic Landmark, designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin West.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is surrounded by the big Roosevelt National Forest on the north and east, Routt National Forest on the northwest, and Arapaho National Forest on the far southwest.

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