Durham, NC Zip Code MapDurham County, NC Zip Codes

Durham County, North Carolina Zip Codes

Durham County, NC Zip Codes

This Durham County, North Carolina zip code map does not show post box zip codes or unique zip codes. These maps are designed for quick general lookup of census zip code polygon property land ownership areas. The Census Bureau does not keep up-to-date data-sets of all ZIP codes.
ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAsª) are a new statistical entity developed by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating summary statistics from Census data. This new entity was developed to overcome the difficulties in precisely defining the land area covered by each ZIP Code. Defining the extent of an area is necessary in order to accurately tabulate census data for that area.
ZCTAs are generalized area representations of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code service areas. Simply put, each one is built by aggregating the Census data blocks, whose addresses use a given ZIP Code, into a ZCTA which gets that ZIP Code assigned as its ZCTA code. They represent the majority USPS five-digit ZIP Code found in a given area. For those areas where it is difficult to determine the prevailing five-digit ZIP Code, the higher-level three-digit ZIP Code is used for the ZCTA code. Also, Some areas that are in remote regions might have PO box zip code usage. Source U.S. Census
Many use this Durham County, North Carolina map to find county and city area zip codes for businesses, real estate, property management, land development, and trucking.

Chapel Hill 27517 Zip Code

Chapel Hill 27707 Zip Code

Durham 27517 Zip Code

Durham 27560 Zip Code

Durham 27701 Zip Code

Durham 27703 Zip Code

Durham 27704 Zip Code

Durham 27705 Zip Code

Durham 27707 Zip Code

Durham 27709 Zip Code

Durham 27712 Zip Code

Durham 27713 Zip Code

Gorman 27704 Zip Code

Northwest Neighborhood Raleigh 27560 Zip Code

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Northwest Neighborhood Raleigh 27613 Zip Code

Northwest Neighborhood Raleigh 27617 Zip Code

Northwest Neighborhood Raleigh 27703 Zip Code

Raleigh 27560 Zip Code

Raleigh 27617 Zip Code

Raleigh 27703 Zip Code

Rougemont 27572 Zip Code

Northwest Neighborhood 27703 Zip Code

27278 Zip Code Durham County

27503 Zip Code Durham County

27517 Zip Code Durham County

27560 Zip Code Durham County

27572 Zip Code Durham County

27613 Zip Code Durham County

27617 Zip Code Durham County

27703 Zip Code Durham County

27704 Zip Code Durham County

27705 Zip Code Durham County

27707 Zip Code Durham County

27712 Zip Code Durham County

27713 Zip Code Durham County

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